Harnessing Sustainability, Fostering Initiatives


IMPETUS awaits you with a technological spectacle, where creativity and innovation collide to shape the future of technology. IMPETUS 23.0, the Annual National Level Technical Extravaganza organized by IEEE UVCE with the theme "GREENSHIFT: Harnessing Sustainability, Fostering Initiatives" promises to challenge participants to think about sustainability in innovative ways and use technology to create a positive impact on the environment. With this theme, you'll have the opportunity to explore sustainable solutions to real-world challenges, while contributing to the larger goal of creating a more sustainable future.

Flagship Events

IEEE UVCE hosts a variety of flagship events in IMPETUS every year, aimed at bringing together professionals, industries from different domains and backgrounds to network, learn, and share knowledge. Our flagship events are designed to provide attendees with valuable insights, practical skills, and industry updates. We offer a wide range of events to cater to different interests and needs, including conferences, workshops, webinars, and more.

General Events

IMPETUS is not just about our flagship events - we also welcome outside teams and individuals to organize events that align with our mission and values. These events are a great opportunity for the wider community to get involved with IMPETUS and showcase their skills and creativity. For IMPETUS 23.0, we have a wide range of exciting events planned that are sure to appeal to a diverse audience. Gear up and get involved - whether you're a developer, entrepreneur, tech enthusiastic, or just someone who loves to have fun, there's a place for you at IMPETUS 23.0!

About Theme

"GREENSHIFT: Harnessing Sustainability, Fostering Initiatives." The theme represents a fundamental shift in the way we approach technology and innovation. Traditionally, technological progress has been focused on improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability, often at the expense of environmental sustainability. However, with the growing awareness of the negative impacts of unsustainable practices, there is a need to shift towards a more sustainable approach to technology and innovation.

The theme encourages participants to think beyond the conventional boundaries of technology and explore innovative solutions that not only deliver economic benefits but also have a positive impact on the environment. It highlights the importance of harnessing sustainability by promoting sustainable practices in all areas of technology and fostering initiatives that support a more sustainable future.

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The events of IMPETUS 23.0 aim to provide participants with an opportunity to improve their skills while also showcasing their creativity and talent. Alongside technical events, there are also events such as Laser Tag, BGMI, and Valorant that allow participants to enjoy. The events are designed in such a way that students from all branches can participate based on their strengths, creating a unique hybrid blend. Flagship events focus on the technical development of students from all aspects. These events challenge participants to solve real-world problems using the latest technology, encouraging innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

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